Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov present

the dance project Zonk'a.

Working as independent choreographers and performers, we create choreographic pieces of small and big forms for different stages and events. 
Following the graduation from Contemporary Dance Department at the Liberal Arts University in 2010 (Yekaterinburg, Russia ) we had an internship in the USA as a part of the largest contemporary dance festival in the world “American Dance Festival”, as well as in such famous dance centers of France as Royaumont Abbey & Foundation, L'etoile du Nord, Atelier Carolyn Carlson. 

The main focus of our activity is the creation of performances of contemporary dance, both independently and in collaboration with foreign choreographers and directors. 
The significant stage of our career was creation of the piece “Trinity” along with the artists of the Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater. 
Nowadays we have collaborated with more than fifty organizations of contemporary art in Russia and abroad and have staged more than twenty performances. 

Among the festivals in which our works took part were the Russian National Theater Award and Festival "Golden Mask", American Dance Festival, Open Look, Diversia, Na Grani, as choreographers were the finalists of contests: Context. Diana Vishneva, Dance Platform at the Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater, Modern Choreography Workshop of the "Platform Project" in Moscow, Atelier for Russian choreographers in Kazan. 
We also worked as performers in such well-known companies and theaters as "S'Poart", "Dialogue Dance", "Provincial Dances theatre", Yekaterinburg Chamber Theater. 

Our performances were performed in 5 countries of the world and 15 cities of Russia. Some works were created with the support of organizations: the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, the US Consulate General, the Ministry of Culture of Finland, the Platform Project, the festival "En Transit". 

The defining principle of our work is a comprehensive study of the idea. The idea is the core of the piece. The whole action takes place and unfolds around idea. Detailed elaboration of the idea, goals and objectives of the performance, sensitivity and attentiveness in the process of searching and implementation are the main parameters for creating a choreographic work in our understanding. 

We work with artists, immersing them in the concept and style of work, at the same time giving the freedom of action to form their own view of the work. Due to the diverse work with dancers, the levels of interpretation of the performance are formed. This semantic diversity helps to build a dialogue with the audience, where everyone sees and reads the meaning and energy of movements in his own way. A work of dance art is a magical combination of elements, a thought embodied in choreographic images that makes the viewer feel, experience, and inspire. 

As a choreographers and creators, we are mostly attracted to the exciting spectacularity of the dance performance. In the course of our professional activity, we purposefully strive to create choreographic works that are relevant in the context of contemporary life and art and are able to reach a wide and diverse audience. 

We are constantly developing ourselves and looking for new areas for co-creation and cooperation

Main dates:

2018 - The performance "Essence" - nominee of the National Theater Award "Golden Mask" of the season in the categories: "Best Performance", "Best Choreographer", "Best Actor", "Best Female Role".

2017 - The performance "Essence" - a special diploma of the jury of the Sverdlovsk regional competition for the best theatrical work of the year and the festival "Bravo!"

2016 - The performance "Trinity" - participant of the Sverdlovsk regional competition for the best theatrical work of the year and the festival "Bravo!"

2015 – The performance "My Love/ My Life" - nominee on the National Theatrical Award “Golden Mask” in the category "Best Performance".

2015 – Funding from the Michail Prokhorov Fund for the project “Trinity”.

2015 – Anna Shchekleina - the winner of the Atelier for Russian choreographers in Kazan. The preize is an internship in the dance centers in Paris.

2014 – Finalists of Choreographic Workshop “Dance Platform” of the Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre. 

2014, 2012 - Participantion in the international project “Dance Omi International Dance Collective” (Ghent, USA).

2013 – Finalists of the program “Workshop of Modern Choreography” of the Platform Project (Moscow, Russia). 

2012 – Participantion of the program "International Choreographer's Residency" (ICR) in the frames of the American Dance Festival (Durham, USA).

2011 – Participation in the international project the «Factories of imagination» (EU - Russia).

2010 – 2012 – Dancing in the international project "Na Grani" organized by the French hip-hop company "S'poart" within cross year Russia-France.

2010 – Graduation from the Contemporary dance department of the Liberal Arts University in Ekaterinburg.









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