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Context Lab 2018

Anna Shchekleina - finalist of a competition of choreographers Context Lab-2018 within the festival Context. Diana Vishneva. Within the project the premiere of "Ave Ever" was held.

Dance OMI
2012, 2014
Dance Platform'2014

Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov - finalists of the project Yekaterinburg Academical Opera and Ballet theatre "Dance-Platform'2014". Miniature «Triunity»  is created within this project.

In 2012 Anna Shchekleina took part in the international residency Dance Omi International Dance Collective (Ghent, USA). In 2014 Aleksandr Frolov also became the resident of this project. The program of a cultural exchange among professional dancers and choreographers from the different countries collected in the International Center of Arts of OMI for joint creativity.

Workshop of modern choreography'2013
Atelier for the Russian choreographers. Kazan-Paris. 2014-2015

Anna Shchekleina - the participant and the winner "Atelier for Russian choreographers. Kazan-Paris. 2014-2015", organized by Embassy of France in Russia and the French Institute.

Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov - finalists of the program «Workshop of modern choreography», organized by the Platform Project with assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Curator is Keren Levi (Netherlands). Within this program the performance "Place" was created.

Factories of
the imagination'2011
American Dance Festival'2012

Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov - participants of the international project «Factories of the imagination II» (EU - Russia). The exchange project in the field of modern performing art organized by art-venue STANTSIA and Dialogue Dance company. Within this project dance performance "Chocolate" was created together with the Belgian director Pol Heyvaert.

Company Zonk'a - participants of the American Dance Festival and the program «International Choreographer’s Residency 2012» (ICR) (Durham, USA).  


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