Theater: "Isadora" in Krasnoyarsk.
Olesya Pozdnyakova, April 30, 2015 


The Zonk'a dance company looks as the representative of naive art. That is not about self-making or an explanation of level of work with a body, naive art here is as the principle of statement, particularity of language — all these things like wings or the opened hands as a sign of a wide-opened soul or a difference between jeans and a dress, or use of popular love song. All this looks so sincerely that, eventually, you understand, why all this is just so.

Diversia №8. About what

Daria Shanina, October 31, 2014 


My Love / My Life of Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov are split too: love is her, life is his, and, apparently, there are no any crossings between them. Shchekleina and Frolov in general are always conflictive maximally (in their case: clash is love): a duet - dispute, a duet - incompatibility, a duet, where each is better – it is Zonk'a from Yekaterinburg.

This time Anna "presses" by tragic elements: her love is a white dress, the broken arms, an oppressed back. Sasha makes fun: his life is continuous dance. Dance of such normal guys in a night club, dance of courageous girls from a hostel, dance of the guy who at random is pulled out from the audience. Turning own body into their bodies, Frolov isn't afraid of crazy grotesque. "Zonk'a" in general is afraid of nothing – and because of that they are always magnificent.


Dance about something more

Natalia Zisman, October 31, 2014

Dance is a dream. A dream about something bigger, than experience of the last day. As well as the special atmosphere, mood and impression which is difficult for retelling words after awakening is inherent in a dream, dance. It is possible to try to treat sense of "dream", even to resort to value of symbols, but always there will be this escaping feeling of other reality which was almost tangible during moments of the first phase, but now it, alas, not to express in words. To feel it is impossible to explain! Once I was madly lucky to touch secret of creation of one of such dances, working within study at contemporary dance departmet with choreographers of the Zonk'a company Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov.

Convertibility of plastic ideas

Natalia Kuryumova, Music life, № 1, 2014

One more example of corporal dialogue-research is in performance "Place" of the Yekaterinburg duet “Zonk’a” (Anna Shchekleina & Aleksandr Frolov). Conflict, painful, but sometimes inspiring movement to each other of two people is made in interaction of dancers with huge volumes of a kraft paper. They package themselves into paper, they tear paper, and they create twin-simulacra from it. Rustling of paper becomes a soundtrack to the events; strange forms acquired by it – a tangible metonymy to the events.

Festival of love to the strange
Yulia Batalina, NewsKo (Perm), December 26, 2013

… On the stage — an smooth leaf of the brown paper fixed by an adhesive tape. Aleksandr Frolov (dance company ZONK'a, Yekaterinburg) desperately startes to crush this paper, to crumple it, to wrap himself in it. His partner Anna Shchekleina is all the time somewhere near, but doesn't join in active fight against paper, she tries to escape from the space — Aleksandr catches her. One sheet of paper is hopelessly crushed, under it there is another one, and everything repeats. And so — until Anna appears under paper near Aleksandr — fight is ended, the pacification came there.

Performance proceeds 45 minutes, and all this time of no music — instead of it a desperate crunch of the rumpled leaf. Paper sounds like metal — it is loud, rhythmical, creating a vigorous sound row. Audience, taking seats on rigid benches (performance went in the rehearsal hall), aloud regretted that it is necessary to sit nearly an hour. When performance ended, it emerged that nobody noticed time, it was so much drive and truly dancing energy in this representation!

Chocolate / Under construction

Anna Gordeeva, TimeOut (Moscow), December 7, 2012


In the "Chocolate" Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov present something like dance analog of stand-up comedy — the couple tries the movements, comments each other ideas, slightly squabbles, and from the mountain of dance slag suddenly they get diamonds of exact and easy pases.

Review of articles: "Chocolate performance"

Bravo festival (Yekaterinburg), May 23, 2012


You already noticed how many spectators wish to speak about the performance "Chocolate" of the dance company Zonk'a which was shown within a festival Bravo'2011! And we enjoy the fascinating reading.