Zonk'a - creative duet without any financing sources.


Art and its advancement always needed support, and patrons became a history on an equal basis with the well-known artists, because a financial support - the most important of all forms.

It helps Zonk'a to expand field of knowledge, to organize projects and classes, to create performances which do contemporary dance closer to the audience. 

Zonk'a thanks all who helps the project - any help is a contribution to support of the contemporary art. 

You can support Zonk'a by the next ways:

• To become the sponsor of the Zonk'a project. For example, you can become the sponsor of any specific project or a mass action or master classes. The company sponsor can also choose an original method of advancement of own brand in our projects. Or to take part in the project as an art patronage.


• To order additional services — you can order creation of any form of dance for your organization or project, and also to order a dance master class.


• To provide the temporary residency – If you have the free dance space where conditions allow to carry out creation and rehearsals of a new performance, or giving of dance class, we with pleasure will accept it as temporary base for our projects (one week and more).


• To make any purchase of souvenirs of Zonk'a. Some production is the handmade. All your acquisitions in Zonk’a are a contribution to support of the company.


• You can also support Zonk'a by donating money. 

Any amount of money can be transferred to bank account of Sberbank: N 40817.810.2.1654.1440708

Or PayPal account: a-shchekleina@yandex.ru


Thank you!


INFORMATION SUPPORT is very important the companies. Zonk’a has the goal of the maximum expansion of the audience interested in contemporary dance and with gratitude accepts the help from the companies and individuals that highlight its activity.


Your opinion and  advice is very important to us — what we can make better? You can contact us - ddancezonk@gmail.com, and we will be very grateful for your help.


Zonk'a is always open for any support — if you have an idea how you can support the project, contact us - dancezonk@gmail.com and make your proposal.

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Копирование материалов разрешено только с указанием активной ссылки на источник! 

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