Ave Ever

Worship of eternity

In exclamation of "Ave" there is an ambiguity, it used both in a prayer, and in Caesar's greeting the gladiators going to death. A combination of opposite meanings in one word as reflection of duality of the world and the person. The dance where there is no conflict between the good and evil where there is an equivalence of concepts and phenomena, and the body remembers everything and is everything.

The premiere has been within the competition "Context. Diana Vishneva" on October 17, 2018.
Duration: 10 min.
Choreographer: Anna Shchekleina
Performers: Evgenia Turushkina, Aleksandr Frolov


Human being and his essential characteristics

Essence. Basis, main quality of a subject. Extract. 
Consideration subject in a performance is the Human and three of his main characteristics – the individual (a biological, animal body), the personality (a social role) and identity.  The world around us is a theater, and each of us has a number of lines of role behavior, and we are always looking for ourselves. Different masks, different manifestations, different roles.

The premiere has been at the international festival of duets "DIVERSIA" in Kostroma in 2016.
Duration: 23 min.
Choreographers, performers: Anna Shchekleina, Aleksandr Frolov




The first in world history of choreographic art appeal to a great image of the Trinity

Creation is carried out in the framework of charitable activities, with funds provided by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.

Partners of the project: Liberal Arts University, Municipal Ballet theater "Shchelkunchik".

August 2015, Municipal Ballet theater "Shchelkunchik" / Yekaterinburg (Russia)
Duration: 50 min
Choreographers: Anna Shchekleina, Aleksandr Frolov 

(together with dancers)

Performers: dancers of Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre Olesya Mamylova, Elena Trubetskova (Groznih) and contemporary dancers Svetlana Makarenko, Ulyana Koptyakova.

Lighting disigner: Maksim Sergachev


My Love / My Life

It's all about giving, recieving and sharing

This is two solos combined into duet piece. This is autobiographical work, where personal impressions become generalized statements: about Love as about a process of inner growth, about Life in the context of the past, present and future. 

The premiere has been at the international festival of duets "DIVERSIA" in Kostroma in 2014.

Duration: 50 min
Choreographers, performers: Anna Shchekleina, Aleksandr Frolov


Paper Piece

Paper, scissors and dance we create a myth

By means of paper, scissors and dance we create a performance – the myth, the fairy tale where real and unreal, ancient and present, the truth and a fiction mix.

The performance is created with assistance of the International center of Arts of Omi International Arts Center (USA) and Consulate general of the USA.

The premiere has been on April 1 and 2, 2017, Yeltsin Center / Yekaterinburg (Russia)
Duration: 50 min.
Choreographers and performers: Anna Shchekleina (Russia), Stephanie Miracle (USA)


How Beautiful it is Here 

Close your eyes...Try to imagine yourself there where you feel good

Сreated by request of the international festival EN TRANSIT (La Roche sur Yon, France) in 2014

Special thanks to Hervé le Mer

The premiere has been on January, 31 2014, EN TRANSIT Festival (La Roche sur Yon, France)

Duration: 35 min

Choreographers, dancers: Anna Shchekleina, Aleksandr Frolov



Show No Show

A truth or dare using a fruit, a megaphone, two chairs, and a table cloth

First and initial version of performance сreated on August 2014 by Gabrielle Revlock (USA) and Aleksandr Frolov (Russia) while in residency at Omi International Arts Center, Dance OMI.

The premiere has taken place at FringeArts, Philadelphia (USA) on March 2016.
Duration: 60 min
Choreographers and performers: Gabrielle Revlock, Aleksandr Frolov 



The Universe, world, concentration of real and unreal actions and images

It’s a co-production of the Cultural center PLATFORM and the art venue STANTSIA, with the assistance of American Dance Festival. The performance is created in the framework of the program “Workshop of Modern Choreography” of the PLATFORM project with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Supervisor – Keren Levi (Netherlands).

Sept. 2013, Art venue STANTSIA / Kostroma (Russia)

Duration: 38 min
Choreographers, performers: Anna Shchekleina, Aleksandr Frolov



Anya and Sasha dance for each other or for the audience?

Dance performance is created within the international project the "Factories of Imagination" (EU - Russia) on the art venue STANTSIA (Kostroma)

Sept. 2011, Art venue STANTSIA / Kostroma (Russia).

Duration: 25 min
Director: Pol Heyvaert (Ghent, Belgium)

Choreographers, performers: Anna Shchekleina, Aleksandr Frolov


To B. U. Kashkin

    "And life I lived, and still alive"

Performance - tribute to Ural punk-artist B. U. Kashkin.

This performance became a response to the exhibition inspired by the personality and works of the Ural punk artist B. U. Kashkin and has been created within the frames of the project of the Ural branch of the National Center of Contemporary Art "Actions: representation art" in which performers do research of expositions subjects and ideas in dance language.  

June 25, 2015, The Ural branch of the National Center of Contemporary Art / Yekaterinburg (Russia).

Duration: 60 min.

Performers: Kirill Zaytsev, Polina Demchik, Vera Shpak, Aleksandr Frolov.

Choreography: Anna Shchekleina.



To find the way of understanding how to experience the past, to understand it and to estimate it. 

Performance "Regard" from Zonk'a was presented within the "Music of Peace in Dance of War" program of the Museum of history of Yekaterinburg. Dance performance is created especially for this program and is devoted to the photo exhibition "Immortal Regiment". 

In this work a death, the related images and situations were investigated. How presence of "a dead body" changes space, people and a context? Destinies of the left people were reflected and repeated in our lives. To find the way of understanding how to experience the past, to understand it and to estimate it. 

November 3, 2015, Museum of history of Yekaterinburg / Yekaterinburg (Russia).

Performers: Polina Demchik, Alexandr Frolov, Kirill Zaytsev.
Choreography: Anna Shchekleina.